Designs: 1970-1979

Throughout the 1970s Sheila created some bold and colourful work using clever pattern repeats with beautifully formed geometric shapes.

Firmly settled back in Linton, Yorkshire and with a small studio next to her cottage, the 1970’s proved to be Sheila’s most fertile period for designing. We know this because she kept a meticulous record of pattern numbers and accounting, detailing an extremely productive time.

Echoing the changing mood and style of the ‘70’s decade, Sheila created her most pulsating work. Vivid graphics and bold colours set the theme for this collection of striking patterns. She also produced a captivating series of work, painting directly on to sugar paper with a contrasting palette of black and white gouache.

Sheila had become an expert at hand-drawn repeat work, which she cleverly paired with beautifully formed geometric and sculptural shapes. These high voltage designs display Sheila’s exploration of colour and true inventiveness with triumphant results.